Welcome students and parents!



(I have gathered this information by looking at many websites and articles.)

-   Have a child who often makes mistakes on homework or tests because he/she mis-read the question or did not check the work? Art classes help students look at things more carefully and become more detail-oriented. 

-   Art teaches how to come up with ideas and develop those ideas. This will carry over into better writing skills.

-   The logic and problem-solving side of art carry over into better math and science skills

-   Students who have had art education score higher on the SATs than students who haven't. This has been researched and reported by The College Board and various other sources.

-   Art classes can help quiet, introverted kids have an outlet for their ideas. It can also help outgoing, hyperacrive kids learn to sit still for longer and longer periods of time.

-   There are art scholarships available for those who intend to pursue college. For example, there is Scholastic's $10,000 art scholarships or the Houston Rodeo's $15,000 art scholarships. There are also various art competitions with money rewards.

-   Art students tend to score better on school projects.

-   Art helps young children with fine motor skills.  

-   Art is therapeutic. It can help kids deal with stress or be a release for unhappy emotions.